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About our menu

Here at TRU we believe in pricing transparency.  We always do our best to place you with a stylist who fits your technique mastery level as well as budget needs. Your stylist will go over pricing before you begin your service so there are no surprises at checkout.  Please note prices shown here are based on the lowest priced stylist and will increase depending on the stylist you choose.

All lightening services include necessary conditioners or bond-builders to keep your hair healthy, as well as a toner/glaze.  So, the only up-charges you'll see is to accommodate extra long, or extra thick hair, and any add-on previously discussed.

All color and cut services include a relaxing head massage and blowdry + hot iron style.

Hair Cuts + Styling Services

Bang/Beard Trim  $15+

Keep your look tidy and kept with regular maintenance services on your bangs or beard.

Haircut  $50-$95

Feel like royalty with a shampoo, stress relieving scalp massage, moisture rich conditioning, and your dream haircut. You can expect optimal attention to detail with both wet cutting, dry texturing and perfecting.


Bridal Styling  $100+

We'd be honored to give you a beautiful style for your special day.  We suggest booking a consultation prior to your appointment

Blowout/Special Occasion Styles $85+

Looking for smooth shiny hair with volume for days? Book a blowout and a hot iron style to look your best for any occasion.  Or are you looking for an updo for a special occasion? This is the service for you.


Color Services

Glaze/Toner Refresh $85-$115+

Looking to keep away unwanted brassy undertones, OR refresh the desired color/tone of your highlights? This should be done every 8 weeks or so between larger services. 

Root Touch Up $70-170+

Choose this option if you need up to 2" of roots colored with a solid color and a blow dry style. Great for hiding grey hair. This service is usually done every 4-8 weeks. -Not an option for Bleaching roots.

All Over Color $150-$250+

Is your color faded and drab? It's time to pull that base color all the way through the ends.  Do this 3-4x a year This service is a solid all over color.

Color Melt $200+

Ideal for ladies with previous highlights looking for a seasonal change without more lightening. 2-3 Colors are applied roots to ends to create a literal color melt effect using your established highlights.

Color Correction (Hourly Pricing)

Are you dissatisfied with your current color due to a self-color service at home or are you looking for a huge change? This service requires a consultation to book and is charged for time + product used, this is usually a 4+ hour process at $120+ per hour. 

Lightening Services

Mini Highlight/Dimension $120-$200+

Wanting to freshen up your highlights or add  a pop of lightness around your face? The mini is approx 12 foils on your part or hairline. 

Partial Custom Highlight/Dimension $150-$250+

A Partial Highlight placement focuses on the top and sides of the head. Highlights will be done according to the stylists technique choice base don your desired results. You can customize this experience with an ADD ON root touch up for grey coverage or root smudge to blend the base for a lived-in look. It's best done 1-2 times between a Full Highlight service.


Full Custom Highlight/Dimension $180-$295+
Throw this into your rotation 2x a year. These highlights are focused throughout the entire head for a ton of brightness or dimension. Highlights will be done according to the stylists technique choice base don your desired results. You can customize this experience with an ADD ON root touch up for grey coverage or a root smudge to blend the base for a lived-in look.

Bombshell Blonding $320-$500+

This is a service for multiple coloring techniques to give you that 'Pinterest' look you are dreaming of. Includes all necessary treatments to keep your hair healthy and strong.  this is a 4hr+ appointment spot


Treatments + Add ons

TRU Signature Mask Treatment $20

 The ultimate solution to your hair and relaxation needs, providing a mask treatment, a relaxing five-minute scalp massage with a stone eye bag pillow, and steam to enhance the conditioning process. ROOT FOOT's Plant Communion Fragrance Orbital Bloom completes the experience, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and completely restored.

Micro Exfoliating Scalp Treatment & Mask Gua Sha  $25 

 The Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment harnesses natural ingredients such as trees, stones, and mycelium to gently decongest and promote healthy hair growth by dissolving buildup, impurities, and regulating oil production. Additionally, it balances the scalp biome, increasing moisture retention to relieve dryness and irritation. Includes Gua Sha scalp massage with Jade comb. 

REIKI + Tru Signature Mask Treatment $45

 Indulge in a wholesome hair and soul revival with the Reiki + TRU Signature Deep Conditioning Treatment, comprising a customized mask treatment, a relaxing scalp massage, and a REIKI session, infused with ROOT FOOT Plant Communion Fragrance Orbital Bloom to give you an all-encompassing renewal experience.

Cezanne Smoothing Treatment $250+

Want to tame frizzy, unruly hair? Cezanne’s Classic Smoothing Treatment smooths all hair types, including straight, wavy, textured and curly hair. Unlike other keratin smoothing treatments, ours is free of formaldehyde and harsh chemicals, requires no downtime and gives you endless styling options.

Facial Waxing $15+

Whether it's just your brows or your  whole face we can customize your waxing needs.


Brow and Lash tint $25+

This special  brow and lash color will  enhance your features and finish your look. This treatment  last approximately 6 weeks.


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