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Grow Your Career

Colorado Springs Hair Salon TRU Hair Salon

Be a TRU Stylist

Looking for a new salon to spread your wings?  TRU is dedicated to stylist growth and career goals. We offer a competitive commission employment program for stylists in a fun upbeat, luxury environment.


TRU is looking for stylists who take initiative with their continuing education, and are talented and knowledgeable across the board.  If you are looking to feel supported in your career with no competition you're in the right place.


At TRU our team looks out for each other and each other's clients.  We prioritize relationship building within our services on a professional level.    “You remember someone by how they make you feel.”

  • Sick time / Paid time off

  • 401K

  • Flexible hours

  • Growth plan

  • Online booking platform

  • Social media and advertising

  • Expansive education opportunities

  • Fun upbeat luxury environment

  • Success without the complications of running your own business

Let’s Work Together

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