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First Impressions Matter


Be a TRU Receptionist

TRU hair salon receptionists are the face of the business.  You are the first person a guest sees when they come in and the 'see ya later' at the end.

TRU receptionists put their best self out there to help guests at TRU feel welcome and valuable.  

We offer competitive hourly rates in a fun upbeat, luxury environment.

At TRU our team looks out for each other and each other's clients.  We prioritize relationship building within our services on a professional level.    “You remember someone by how they make you feel.”

  • Sick time / Paid time off

  • 401K

  • Flexible Hours

  • Discounted hair services 50%

  • Social Media and advertising education

  • Fun Upbeat Luxury environment

Let’s Work Together

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